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Visioning Session Results
The Antrim County Planning Commission held a series of eight Visioning Session meetings between June 11 and August 27, 2003, to obtain public input on issues of concern to the residents of the County.

Following a brief video show and a slide presentation by County staff, the participants broke up into three to six tables to bring up issues that they felt were important in the county. Each of the participants at each table then brought up issues that were of pressing importance, and each table discussed and ranked those issues. The table spokespersons then presented each table's top issues to the entire group.

With each table's top issues being listed on the walls of the room, the participants walked around the room assigning priorities (high, medium, low) to the issues. As a final exercise, the participants completed a Visual Preference Survey.

The final Visioning Session results are listed below (sorted by facility location and subject matter).
Download Results by Location (sorted by score)
Download Results by Subject Matter
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