Antrim County Parks & Recreation Commission

Mission Statement
Antrim County shall remain a place of clean water, a natural environment, and abundant leisure opportunities open to all regardless of population growth and pressures of modern society.

Operational Statement

  1. The makeup of the Antrim County Parks and Recreation Commission (Commission) should consist of people with a variety of backgrounds and expertise but that have a common interest in natural resources and their utility for leisure and recreation, and indirectly, education.
  2. The Commission is free to review and evaluate current related Parks & Recreation projects, and to encourage any new ideas for evaluation and suitability.
  3. The Commission will notify the Parks Committee of the County Board of Commissioners of any issue, suggestion, or recommendation that has been voted on by the Commission, and also the vote tally. The Commission will expect the Parks Committee to consider these recommendations, but the Commission also realizes its position as being only advisory. The Commission recognizes that finances, politics and other factors must be considered by the Parks Committee.
  4. The Commission will, at the request of the Parks Committee, investigate, research and comment on any appropriate issue or problem that comes before the Parks Committee.
  5. The Commission will maintain an on-going inventory of public and private recreational resources so as to be able to up-date recreational plans.