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What people say about the park
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Dear County Commissioners:
Our family has camped at Antrim County's Barnes Park on frequent occasions over the past 30 some years. It has always been one of OUT favorite camping spots in Michigan because of the wonderful experiences we have had there. It is by far one of the loveliest areas in this region where the public has access to Lake Michigan in a rather pristine setting. This campground compares very favorably with any of the many we have visited all across the eastern US and Canada.
We recently camped there again this summer and had a wonderful experience again and want you to know that we appreciate having this park available for our use. First of all, I don't think anyone could beat the loveliness of the setting in a mixed hardwood forest situated along a high bluff above Lake Michigan's sandy shores. In addition, however, we were impressed by how well the campground was run, how spacious the sites were, how clean the park was overall (grounds and facilities), and how much all of the campers seemed to be enjoying its offerings incl uding the system of hiking and biking trails adjacent to the campground. We found that although alterations have been made to the park over time, we felt that these were consistent with the park's overall character.
Barnes Park of Antrim County is a real treasure that has been well managed over the years. We hope it will continue in this vein so that it can be enjoyed by generations to come. August 2013

Thank you Top
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"If you seek a beautiful campground you need to look no farther than our Barnes Park, we have spent many wonderful days there. I have to take my hat off to the people that take care of the park. They do an outstanding job, the restrooms and showers are in excellent condition and very clean. The trash barrels are always empty and plenty of them. Some of the other park personnel around Michigan should come to our park and see how things are done"

Gayle Roote of Bellaire, as printed in Antrim County News on 8/9/00
Thank you so glad you enjoyed the park Top
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Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 10:36 AM
Subject: wonderful barnes park

After all these years I finally found your web site. Thanks again for making Barnes Park a wonderful place for me and my family to spend a week in July. Our stay there last week was very relaxing and could not have been better. Thanks to all of you for all your hard work in making sure Barnes Park is a gem in the Northwoods.
See you next summer!
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Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 12:23 PM
To: webmaster@antrimcounty.org
Subject: Antrim County Community Center Feedback

Eileen and Staff,
I had the very distinct pleasure of camping at Barnes Park from Aug. 7 to Aug. 13. On behalf of my wife, children and grandchildren, I want to congratulate the park staff on the fine work they do to make Barnes Park a great place to camp. I am always impressed with the work ethic and friendliness of the entire staff. Your park is a real jewel for Antrim County (which I feel is a jewel itself) and we are always happy that we can spend time there. I would like to add that the new office compliments the park and I think it is about time the staff has an
adequate office for such a well run park.
Thank you Top
Recently (June 29 thru July 8) my wife and I had the pleasure of camping at Barnes Park. During that time our children and grandchildren joined us and we all had a most enjoyable experience. Even though it was the July 4th weekend and the camp was filled to the max, everyone seemed to get along and the nights were relatively quiet. We have been camping at Barnes Park annually for many years now. I've had many opportunities to observe the park employees in their daily routines and want to compliment them, and you, on their friendliness and industry. While they have to accomplish many tasks throughout the day, they are always pleasant and helpful, courteous and professional. You should be proud of your staff; and, all of you should be proud of your park. Camping there is the highlight of our summer as a family and we always have a great time. In general, we love coming to Antrim County and staying at Barnes Park is the biggest reasons for that. I hope you share my thoughts with your staff and your superiors, and, congratulate your staff on a job very well done.
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