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Antrim County Geographic Data Fees
Antrim County GIS will offer its services and data to the public, non-profit organizations, and other county departments.

All revenue generated from the fees will be placed into the GIS Operations Fund.

The following schedule of fees was adopted by BOC August 10, 2006.
Digital Data
Parcel Lines

  • $0.05 per parcel

  • $2,500 countywide (37,000+ parcels)

Digital Orthophotography

  • $375 per township

  • $4,500 countywide

*Antrim County departments, townships, villages, & Council of Governments recieve the digital data above free of charge.

*Non-Profit organizations can receive the digital data above at no charge but must be pre-approved by the Administration Committee.
Printed Maps
Printed Map with 2 GIS layers

  • 8.5" x 11" = $5.00

  • 11" x 17" = $10.00

  • 18" x 24" = $15.00

  • 24" x 36" = $20.00

  • 30" x 42" = $25.00

  • 42" x 52" = $30.00

Township Parcel Map Book (pages by section) = $40.00
Custom mapping performed by Antrim County
Custom mapping projects may be accepted and completed by Antrim County at a rate of $25 per hour.
Shipping and Handling Fees
Any costs for shipping and handling to transfer media containingn these datasets will be charged to the public at the cost incurred by Antrim County. The county will determine the media format necessary to transfer this data (CD, DVD, portable hard drive, etc.)
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