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911 Board

Membership: The 911 Board consists of nine (9) members: the Sheriff or his designee, Michigan State Police Kalkaska Post Commander or his designee, Emergency Management Coordinator, Chairman of the Public Safety Committee (Antrim County Board of Commissioners), Delegate from the Antrim County Emergency Services (ACES), said delegate to be a "Fireman", one (1) representative from the Antrim County Road Commission and three (3) citizens at large from Antrim County.

Term of Service: With the exception of the Sheriff Representative, MSP representative, Emergency Management Coordinator, and the Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, the Antrim County Board of Commissioners will confirm and appoint the designated representative from the Antrim County Emergency Services (ACES), and the Antrim County Road Commission on a yearly basis. The length of term for the three citizens from Antrim County will be on a tri-yearly basis.

Meetings: The 911 Board meets bi-monthly and at such times as the membership may determine.

Managerial considerations: Day to Day operations are directly managed and supervised by the Antrim County Sheriff. Oversight of the 911 system will be accomplished by the Antrim County Emergency Dispatch Board of Directors (911 Board). The board will be responsible for the system planning, coordination, liaison with 911 vendors, public educations, developing and approving SOPís, resolving disputes between agencies and/or municipalities for the 911 system, and budgetary preparation/submission / and supervision of the E-911 Funds.

The Board in concert with affected agencies shall develop all necessary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPís) for the effective and efficient operation of the 9-1-1 system. Service to the public shall be the guiding principle in all such endeavors.

2012 Minutes
2013 Agenda / Minutes
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