RESOLUTION #31-10 by Laurie Stanek, seconded by Jerroll Drenth


            WHEREAS, the Antrim County Board of Commissioners has set the millage rate of 5.40 for General Operating, 0.40 for Commission on Aging, and 1.00 for Meadowbrook Medical Care Facility Operations and Renovations, and


            WHEREAS, the Finance Committee has prepared and is recommending a General Fund budget based on the millage rate of 5.40 for General Fund operations, therefore


            BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Antrim County Board of Commissioners adopted the following General Fund budget for 2011:

(See Attached)


            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Antrim County Board of Commissioners adopts the following policies for implementation of the 2011 General Fund budget:


1.                  That any increase in Total Receipts or Total Expenditures shall be approved in advance by Action of the Board of Commissioners.

2.                  That the Chief Administrative Officer for 2011 shall be Laura Sexton, County Clerk.

3.                  That over-expenditure of the total budget of any General Fund Cost Center must be approved in advance by the Board of Commissioners.

4.                  That any position or supplement adopted for 2011 which is reimbursed by grants or other monies from an outside unit may be terminated if the grant and/or other reimbursements are discontinued.

5.                  That, if any position should become vacant any time after November, 2010, the position shall immediately and automatically be deleted from the 2011 budget of the Cost Center involved and the monies shall be transferred to contingencies, until such time as the position may be reinstated by the Board of Commissioners or its designated representative and a new wage or salary set.

6.                  That no budgeted capital outlay purchase may be made without making prior request to the Finance Committee at the time of contemplated purchase.  Three estimates should be presented.  The purchase price of any capital outlay item must be approved in advance by the Finance Committee.  Any capital purchase over $3,000 must also be approved in advance by the Board of Commissioners.  The Chief Administrative Officer will determine as to whether an item is a capital matter or not if

the question arises.  Capital items cannot be purchased from any Cost Center other than Capital Outlay (9901) unless specifically budgeted in that cost center.

7.                  That the County Clerk is authorized to make transfers between line items

(excluding salaries, wages, overtime, training, capital outlay, and specific appropriations) of up to $500 within the Cost Center provided sufficient data is provided by the Department Head definitely showing the Cost Center’s total budget will not at any time during the budget year be increased as a result of the transfer.

8.                  That any question concerning assignment of account to any purchase will

be decided by the County Clerk.


Yes – Drenth, Dawson, Bargy, White, Howelman, Crawford, Stanek, Blackmore, Hayes;

No  - None;

Absent – None.