The County of Antrim does hereby ordain:







1.         No person shall engage in the business of hawking, peddling, or soliciting orders for any goods, services, or merchandise (books, magazines, etc.) without first obtaining a license therefore from the Antrim County Clerk.  No license shall be granted except upon certification of the Sheriff of Antrim County.  The fee for such license shall be five ($5.00) per day; twenty-five ($25.00) per month or fifty ($50.00) per year.




2.         Fingerprints:  No license to peddle shall be granted to any person unless a complete


set of fingerprints of such person is taken and a record check is made.




3.         Exempt persons:  This Ordinance shall not be application to Antrim County farmers or truck gardeners selling or offering for sale any products grown or produced by them, if not otherwise prohibited or regulated from such sale, nor to any person under the age of eighteen (18) years, when engaged in peddling or soliciting in the neighborhood of his residence, on foot, and under the direct supervision of any school or recognized charitable or religious organization.




4.         Penalty:  Violators of this act will upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor and violator may be fined not more than one hundred ($100) dollars or may be imprisoned in the county jail not more than ninety days (90) or both, such fine and imprisonment shall be at the discretion of the Court.




Motion made by Burnett, seconded by DeYoung, that the above Ordinance be adopted.  Motion carried.