Economic Development Corporation

January 15, 2008


Members Present:


Jerome Simowski, Pete Garwood, Sherry Comben, Laura Stanek, Tom Lane and Rick Diebold

Members Absent:


Bob Peterson and Allyn Wright

Staff Present:


Joe Meyers

Others Present:


Andy Hayes and Jan Kellogg


1.         Call to Order


The meeting was called to order at 8:38 a.m. by Pete Garwood.


2.         Organizational Meeting  


Jerome Simowski nominated Rick Diebold as Chair, Tom Lane as Vice Chair, and Sherry Comben as Treasurer.


Motion by Jerome Simowski, supported by Laura Stanek, to close nominations and a unanimous ballot be cast for Rick Diebold for Chair, Tom Lane as Vice-chair, and Sherry Comben as Treasurer.  Motion carried – unanimous.


Motion by Jerome Simowski, supported by Laura Stanek, to continue having meetings on the third Tuesday of January, April, July, and October at 8:30 am.  Motion carried – unanimous.


3.         October 16, 2007 Minutes


Motion by Laura Stanek, supported by Pete Garwood to approve the October 16, 2007 minutes as presented.  Motion carried – unanimous.  


4.         Market Study


Jan Kellogg indicated that there have been two (2) Phase-One Brownfield studies on Antrim County proprieties.  The Committee spoke on what is in a Phase-One study. 


Discussion ensued over the market study for the Business Park and indicated that they would be “piggy-backing” them on a regional market study they are currently doing.


Discussion ensued over the budget of the project.


Motion by Pete Garwood, supported by Jerry Simowski, to dedicate $7,500 for the market study with NLEA.  Motion carried – unanimous.


Rick Diebold appointed Pete Garwood to oversee the study.


Discussion ensued over any overages to the market study because $7,500 was just an estimate.


Motion by Bob Peterson, supported by Tom Lane to amend the motion for the cost not to exceed $8,000.  Motion carried – unanimous.


5.          Various Matters  


Ms. Kellogg gave an update on the activities at NLEA and informed us of the meeting on

March 7, 2008.


Mr. Peterson spoke on how Traverse Bay Manufacturing might be expanding.


Mr. Garwood spoke on a letters from the DEQ about money for publically owned property and the urban land assembly program. 


6.          Public/Member Comment



Meeting adjourned at 9:13 a.m.