Antrim County E

911 Board 2007 Minutes


Meeting Date: November 7, 2007


Members Present:

Terry Johnson Paul Trumble Bill Drollinger Dan Robinson Burt Thompson Lt Street / Post 79 Representative

Members Absent:

Carl Goeman* Bill Chapman Larry Bargy*Gave notification of absence prior to meeting

Others Present:



Call to Order: by Chairman Terry Johnson at 3:10 PM.


Approval of Agenda:

On a motion by Trumble, supported by Drollinger, the agenda for 09/12/2007 was approved.


Public comment:

No one present


Approval of Minutes:

On a motion by Trumble, seconded by Street the minutes of September 12, 2007 were approved as written.


Financial Report:

The August 2007 and September 2007 Trial Balance reports were presented, showing the following account fund balances. August 2007, Account # 259/911 Training $9,896.18, Account # 261 / 911 Operating $498,362.71, and Account # 262/911 Wireless $200,065.32. September 2007, Account # 259 / 911 Training $9,938.90,Account # 261 / 911 Operating $500,581.73, and Account # 262 / 911 Wireless $196,051.63. On a motion by Trumble, seconded by Thompson financial report approved as presented.


Operations Update:

Chris Burda (Eaton) resigned from dispatch. 9-1-1 dispatcher testing coming up. Budget approved for 2008. Updating GPS map’s for snowmobile trail.





New Business:

Chairman Johnson talked about House Bill 410 & 411, and reported Region 7 Homeland Security grant has approved the purchase of C2C (Cad to Cad) with both Antrim and CCE Dispatch’s. The grant will cover $9,400 (C2C costs) and the agencies will be responsible for the maintenance costs of $1,200.


Old Business:

Chairman Johnson reported the radios are working well. Also the 911 Address ordinance is coming up.


Member Comment:

Paul questioned Dispatcher task and training at TBA.


Meeting Dates:

Approved meeting dates for 2008 as January 9, March 12, May 14, July 9, September 10 and November 12.



On a motion by Johnson, seconded by Thompson the meeting was adjourned.


Minutes by: Drollinger

Minutes Approved 01/09/2008