Antrim County E

911 Board 2007 Minutes


Meeting Date: September 12, 2007


Members Present:

Terry Johnson Paul Trumble Bill Drollinger Dan Robinson Burt Thompson Rick Simpson / Post 79 Representative

Members Absent:

Carl Goeman* Bill Chapman Larry Bargy *Gave notification of absence prior to meeting

Others Present:

Sgt Steve Bratschi


Call to Order: by Chairman Terry Johnson at 3:05 PM.


Approval of Agenda:

On a motion by Trumble, supported by Drollinger, the agenda for 09/12/2007 was approved.


Public comment:



Approval of Minutes:

On a motion by Trumble, seconded by Robinson the minutes of July 11, 2007 were approved as written.


Financial Report:

The June 2007 and July 2007 Trial Balance reports were presented, showing the following account fund balances. June 2007, Account # 259 / 911 Training $11,564.23, Account # 261 / 911 Operating $495,178.90, and

Account # 262 / 911 Wireless $183,228.37.


July 2007, Account # 259 / 911 Training $10,800.64, Account # 261 / 911 Operating $502,518.98, and Account # 262 / 911 Wireless $207,120.34.


Motion by Drollinger seconded by Trumble were approved as presented.


Operations Update:

Sgt Bratschi presented the Operations Update.


Dispatcher Martin Fischer is retiring after serving 18 years effective 09/22/2007.


Senate Bills 410 & 411 have not moved out of the House Appropriations Committee.


Software upgrade was made to the MCC5500 radio console on 08/29/2007.


On August 21, 2007 a problem with our Phase 0 line was reported by a Wireless Carrier, Verizon was contacted and repaired the problem the same day.


Probationary Trainee Carpenter was moved to the Phase IV of the training program (shadow period). Trainee Burda is in Phase II of the training program. Dispatcher Ball received E-Team training in July. Dispatchers Ball, Smith, and Burda received Team Building Training in September.


800 MHz training was conducted for four (4) Sheriff’s Office Reserve Officers and one (1) Detective in August. Sgt Bratschi did a Public Safety presentation to approximately twenty (20) 5-12 year olds in August at the Bellaire Library along with Bellaire Police and Bellaire Fire Department.





New Business:



Old Business:

Chairman Johnson brought up a letter to the editor that was published regarding the 800 MHz radio. Johnson informed the board that he contacted the person by phone and discussed the matter.


Member Comment:



Election of Officers:

Motion by Trumble, seconded by Thompson to nominate current Board members to currently held positions. Motion by Drollinger, seconded by Thompson to close nominations. Motion passed.



The next Board Meeting is scheduled for November 7, 2007 at 3:00 PM.



The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m. Smb


Minutes by: Bratschi

APPROVED: Meeting minutes approved on 07 Nov 07.