Antrim County E

911 Board 2007 Minutes


Meeting Date: July 11, 2007


Meeting held in the Antrim County Sheriff Administration Conference Room, 107 Grove St. Bellaire, Mi


Members Present:

Johnson, Trumble, Drollinger, Goeman, Thompson

Members Absent:

Street, Robinson, Chapman, Bargy

Others Present:



Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 3:04 by Johnson


Approval of Agenda:

Motion by Drollinger, seconded by Trumble to approve the agenda for July 11, 2007. Allmembers present voting Aye. Motion passed and agenda approved as written.


Public comment:



Approval of Minutes:

Motion by Thompson, seconded by Drollinger to approve the minutes for May 9, 2007. All Members present voting aye. Motion passed and minutes approved as written.


Financial Report:

Financial reports for April 2007 and May 2007 were provided to all members for review and approval.

April 2007 balances: Training $11,212.74. Operating $379,272.29, Wireless $162,631.49

May 2007 balances: Training $8,046.55, Operating $372,537.57, Wireless $186,581.48.


Motion by Drollinger, seconded by Trumble to approve the financial report as provided. All

members present voting Aye. Motion passed.


Operations Update:

The 800 MHz is up and running for all law enforcement in the county and all reports are very positive. Charlevoix County is adding some 800 MHz units to their system.  The dog census being conducted by the Sheriff Department has included a survey of existing street numbering. This in response to a new street numbering ordinance being considered.



A letter was received from CCE reference dispatching East Jordan fire Department direct. The issue was addressed by Assistant Direct Bratschi in a letter back to CCE. Issue resolved.


Chairman Johnson responded to Mr. William Cato reference his public comments in the May 9th meeting regarding address changes.


It was noted that Dorothy Thompson from Central Lake wrote to the editor of the Antrim Review in the July 3rd edition regarding the 800 MHz purchase.


New Business:



Old Business:



Member Comment:




Motion by Trumble, seconded by Thompson to adjourn at 3:30PM.


Minutes by Goeman. Next meeting is September 12, 2007 at 3 PM.