Antrim County E

911 Board 2007 Minutes


Meeting Date: March 14, 2007

Meeting held in the Antrim County Sheriff Administration Conference Room, 107 Grove St Bellaire, Mi



Members Present:

Bean for Johnson, Trumble, Drollinger, Goeman, Chapman, Bargy.



Thompson, Street, Robinson


Others Present:

Sgt. Steve Bratschi/ 911 Assistant Director



Meeting called to order 3:01 by Bean


Approval of Agenda:

Motion by Drollinger, seconded by Trumble to approve the agenda for March 14, 2007. All members present voting Aye. Motion passed and agenda approved as written.


Public comment:



Approval of Minutes:

Motion by Bargy, seconded by Goeman to approve the minutes for January 10, 2007 with the inclusion of the date, January 10, 2007. All members present voting Aye. Motion passed and minutes approved with the inclusion.


Financial Report:

Financial reports for October 2006, November 2006 from the January meeting and December 2006, January 2007 were provided to all members for review and approval.

October 2006 balances: Training $7,061.37. Operating $593,765.89, Wireless $169,819.54.

November 2006 balances: Training $11,540.57, Operating $580.445.33, Wireless $170,352.91.

December 2006 balances: Training 411,372.93, Operating $588,642.76, Wireless $170,526.98.

January 2007 balances: Training $11,828.23, Operating $364,898.90, Wireless $190,561.18.


Motion by Trumble, seconded by Chapman to approve the financial report as provided. All members present voting Aye.. Motion passed.


Operations Update:

Assistant Director Bratschi provided new color graphics for the operations report that included: 2007 call intake, calls by hour of day, surcharge revenue for years 2005-2007, wireline surcharge revenue for the last 5 years and wireless revenue for the last five years.


Sgt. Bratschi provided a CAD Event report for January February 2007. For February 2007 there were 115 Fire, 165 EMS and 1,656 LAW events. Sgt. Bratschi advised that MCDA has hired a lobbyist to deal with funding issues for 911.


A total of 17 applications were received for the 2 posted positions for dispatcher. There are 13 persons who will be testing on March 15, 2007.


The 800 MHz templates have been submitted to Lansing for approval. Tentative date to be on line is May 1, 2007. The emergency button will not be activated on the new 800 MHz radios. Costs was $50,000 for initial equipment. Train-the-trainer for 800MHz is schedules for Aril 17-20, 2007.


The Antrim County Board of Commissioners sent a letter to state Treasury indicating that we are in compliance with Act 32 of 1986. A letter was sent to ETSC by February 2, 2007 for approval of 2007 training funds.



A letter was received from MDCH that the Alba Fire Department had their Medical First responder license reinstated.


New business:



Old business:



Member comment:




Motion by Drollinger , seconded by Trumble to adjourn at 3:49PM.


Minutes by Goeman. Next meeting is May 9, 2007 at 3 PM.