Antrim County

E911 Board 2007 Minutes


Meeting Date: January 10, 2007


Members Present:

Bean, Drollinger, Trumble, Chapman, Robinson, Bargy, Lt. Street, and Thompson



Others Present:

Sgt Bratschi


Meeting called to order 3:00 PM



Agenda 1st Trumble 2nd Robinson , carried


Approval of Nov. 8th 2006 Minutes 1st Bargy 2nd Trumble, carried


Public comment:

None (No One Present)


Financial Report:

Operation update: Bratschi updated the committee: Dispatch trainee resigned. 800 MHz System is moving ahead. Computer monitor was replaced because of mechanical failure.


New business:




Robinson, Chapman & Thompson position confirmed and approved.


Alba station 1100 medical license expired and has been revoked by State of Michigan. They will not be dispatched for any medical call until the license has been renewed.


New business:

Robinson questioned procedure of someone passing a school bus with itís red light on.


Old business:

Generator is installed and running at road commission building.


Member comment:

Trumble informed committee of TBA center pushing a 911 dispatch program for students.


Meeting adjourned at 3:26 p.m.


Minutes by: Drollinger