County Lands, Agriculture and Forestry Committee


Joseph Allen

Bernie Blackmore Chairman

Eugene Dawson




December 1, 2008 Minutes



Members Present:


Gene Dawson, Bernie Blackmore and Joe Allen

Members Absent:



Staff Present:


Joe Meyers and Mike Meriwether

Others Present:






1.         Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. 


2.         Public Comment




3.         Forestry Update


Mike Meriwether gave an update on the forestry program and the activities he is currently working on.


Discussion ensued over Barnes Park and what is deemed park land vs. forest land.


The Committee asked Mike Meriwether to go to the Parks Committee and talk to them about the difference between park land and forest land at Barnes Park, to get their opinion as to what should be done.


4.         Kearney Township Property


The Committee discussed the proposal from Kearney Township to purchase a 10 acre parcel at the Antrim County Airport.  The Committee asked Mike Meriwether to walk the property to check the boundaries and the land cover of it. The committee also asked the Coordinator/Planners office to get an abstract on the property.


5.         Public/Member Comment




Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.