County Lands, Agriculture and Forestry Committee


Joseph Allen

Bernie Blackmore Chairman

Eugene Dawson


Minutes – November 6, 2006

Members Present:


Bernie Blackmore and Joe Allen

Members Absent:


Gene Dawson

Staff Present:


Joe Meyers and Pete Garwood

Others Present:


Mike Meriwether, Janet Person, and Trish Drollinger

1.         Meeting called to order at 8:58 a.m. 

2.         Public Comment



3.         Ball fields/Village and County Property


Janet Person inquired about the Committee not approving the lease amendments for the ball field.  Discussion ensued over the dugouts and the effect they had on the lease.  The Committee agreed that they would not like to amend the lease. 


Trish Drollinger inquired about putting some gravel down for the parking lot.  The Committee informed her that they would need to get approval from the Board of Commissioners before doing so. 


Pete Garwood inquired about exchanging a long term lease for the parking lot and the parcel in Richardi Park. 


Motion by Joe Allen, supported by Bernie Blackmore, to pursue a long term lease with the Village of Bellaire for the parking lot and Richardi Park for a 25 year trade and direct Legal Counsel to draft the document.  Motion carried – unanimous. 

4.          Timber Bid Opening


The Committee opened and reviewed three bids for the property on Alba Road and M-66 property. 


Meeder Lumber




Fahl Forest Products



Motion by Joe Allen, supported by Bernie Blackmore, to contact Meeder Lumber to check the bid and if there are no problems with the bid amount then accept Fahl Forest Products bid for $30,150.00.  Motion carried – unanimous.  

5.         Forestry Update


The Committee discussed the Memorandum of Understanding and recommended the Board of Commissioners approve it at their next meeting.


Mike Meriwether indicated that an oil and gas company wants to put a lease on the Bachelder Road Property and a non-developmental lease on the Cedar River Natural Area.  Discussion ensued over the lease and how much revenue the County should expect from this well. 



Motion by Joe Allen, supported by Bernie Blackmore to recommend Legal Counsel review the oil and gas lease for a recommendation at the November 9th Board of Commissioners meeting.  Motion carried – unanimous.


The Commission discussed the Barnes Park trail and the need for woodchips. 


Motion by Joe Allen, supported by Bernie Blackmore, to have the Forester have woodchips hauled to Barnes Park for the interpretive trail.  Motion carried – unanimous. 


Mike spoke on the need to survey the Leonard Road Property in Custer Township.  The Committee directed the Forester to get a quote for engineering for the property to submit next month.

6.          Closed Session Minutes


The Committee reviewed the closed session minutes for the October 2, 2006 meeting. 


Motion by Joe Allen, supported by Bernie Blackmore, to approve the closed session minutes as presented.  Motion carried – unanimous.

7.          Municipal Forestry Act


Joe Meyers informed the Committee that the Governor had signed a bill allowing us to remove the “for forestry purposes only” clause on the properties.  Mike further indicated that along with that bill, property owners can make their forest lands exempt from the 18 mill school tax. 


The Committee passed these issues on to the Forester for a report at a later meeting.

8.           Communications  



9.            Member/Public Comment



Meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.