County Lands, Agriculture and Forestry Committee


Joseph Allen

Bernie Blackmore Chairman

Eugene Dawson


Minutes – July 31, 2006

Members Present:


Joe Allen and Gene Dawson

Members Absent:


Bernie Blackmore

Staff Present:


Joe Meyers

Others Present:



1.         Meeting called to order at 9:01 a.m. 

2.         Public Comment



3.         Ambulance Barn Plans   


The Committee reviewed the plans for the ambulance barn on the Meadow Brook site. 


Motion by Gene Dawson, supported by Joe Allen, to recommend the Board of Commissioners approve of the plans for the ambulance barn.  Motion carried – unanimous.  

4.          Property in Shanty Creek


Joe Meyers informed the Committee that he was contacted by a property owner in Shanty Creek that would like to give his property to the County.  Mr. Meyers noted that there is a possibility that if the County were to take ownership of the property that they would have to pay association fees.  The Committee directed Mr. Meyers to look into the pros and cons of acquiring the property.

5.           Meadowview, Meadow Brook and Ball Fields


Pete Garwood informed the Committee of the cost savings Meadow Brook would have if they were annexed to the Village of Bellaire. 


Discussion ensued over sites in the Village of Bellaire that are of County and Village interest.


Motion by Joe Allen, supported by Gene Dawson, for Pete Garwood to continue working on annexation of the Meadowview and Meadow Brook properties and to have the Finance Committee look into a way to help the village with the sludge removal.  Motion carried – unanimous.

6.         Memorandum of Understanding


Motion by Gene Dawson, supported by Joe Allen, to have the Board of Commissioners accept the Memorandum of Understanding with the Antrim Conservation District for the forestry management.  Motion carried – unanimous. 

7.           Forestry Update



8.           Communications  



9.            Member/Public Comment



Meeting adjourned at 10:25 a.m.