County Lands, Agriculture and Forestry Committee


Joseph Allen

Bernie Blackmore Chairman

Eugene Dawson


Minutes – March 27, 2006

Members Present:


Joe Allen, Bernie Blackmore and Gene Dawson

Members Absent:



Staff Present:


Joe Meyers

Others Present:


Jack White, Todd Vigland, Mike Couturier, Christie Roman and Mike Meriwether

1.         Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. 

2.         Public Comment



3.         Oil and Gas Lease  


Mike Couturier, OIO Energy presented the Committee with the plan to lease the railroad easements mineral rights in Grass River Natural Area. 


Discussion ensued over the non-developmental lease of the property.


Motion by Gene Dawson, supported by Joe Allen to enter into a lease with OIO Energy over the railroad grade at Grass River Natural Area, pending Mike Meriwether’s, County Forester and Charlie Koop’s, Legal Counsel approval.  Motion carried – unanimous.


4.          Sevald Property


Todd Vigland, Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, addressed the Committee over the Sevald Property.  Mr. Vigland informed the Committee that they were looking for a letter of support for grant that they are applying for.

Discussion ensued over the Sevald property.


Mike Meriwether informed the Committee that the mineral rights come with the property and that could be a way to help with the cost, either as a one-time sell or over time.  Joe Allen indicated that he felt that mineral rights were not something to part with. 


Motion by Gene Dawson, supported by Joe Allen, to write and send a letter of support for the Sevald Property acquisition grant with the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund from the County Lands, Agriculture, and Forestry Committee. Motion carried – unanimous.   


5.          Forestry Update


Mike Meriwether, County Forester, updated the Committee on activities regarding the County Forest Lands. 


Mr. Meriwether indicated that the OIO Energy is interested in the County 40 acres off Stover Road that abuts Shanty Creek.  Mr. Meriwether noted that the County owns the mineral rights to the property and this will be addressed at the next meeting. 



Mr. Meriwether informed the Commission of the activities at Barnes Park.  Mr. Meriwether noted that the trail should be paved by the Petoskey Stone Festival and the timber should be out of the park as soon as the frost laws lift. 


Discussion ensued over the value of timber management.

6.           Communications   



7.            Member/Public Comment



Meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.