County Lands, Agriculture and Forestry Committee


Joseph Allen

Bernie Blackmore Chairman

Eugene Dawson


Minutes – January 29, 2007

Members Present:


Gene Dawson, Bernie Blackmore, and Joe Allen

Members Absent:



Staff Present:


Joe Meyers

Others Present:


Mike Meriwether, Peg Comfort and Mark Randolph

1.         Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. 

2.         Public Comment



3.         Forestry Update


Mike Meriwether informed the Committee of activities regarding the Forestry Program. 


Mike informed the Committee of the likelihood of SRW getting the permit for drilling in the Kirkpatrick Forest. Mike also indicated that the Sevald Property will be “on the table” until 2008. 


Discussion ensued over the purchase of the Sevald property and different ways to acquire it. 


The Committee tasked Mike to put together some numbers to get money out of the property.

4.         Survey Specs


The Committee discussed the need to have all County surveys recorded with the Register of Deeds office. 


Mike indicated the requirements he has requested from all surveys. 


Motion by Joe Allen, supported by Gene Dawson, to recommend the Board of Commissioners require all surveys to get recorded through the Register of Deeds office, monuments to be placed at the corners of the property, the property lines staked approximately every 100 yards, and map the site.  Motion carried – unanimous.

5.       Carbon Credits


Mark Randolph handed out a presentation given in Lansing regarding carbon credits. 


Mike informed the Committee of his understanding of carbon credits. 


Motion by Gene Dawson, supported by Joe Allen, to direct Mike Meriwether to contact Todd Parker on getting a copy of the contract required to enroll the property in the Carbon Exchange for review.  Motion carried – unanimous.

6.        Communications  



7.        Member/Public Comment


Gene Dawson spoke on the 40 acres near Shanty Creek as some possible revenue for the Sevald Property.  Gene also spoke on 40 acres in Banks Township that could be used for trade for a boat launch.  The Committee directed Joe Meyers and Gene to put together a letter to real estate agents to get a price for their services on selling the Shanty Creek Property.


Peg Comfort informed the Committee of a presentation on Natural Features Inventories at the Council of Governments.  


Discussion ensued over natural features inventories. 

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.