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Natural Wonders...Waters and Wetlands

Waters and Wetlands....

The Lake Michigan shoreline and the nature of the beach environment... wind, wave action, and long shore currents, which create transient conditions where permeability is high and the depth of the water table varies.

Antrim Creek...forms the southern site boundary for the ACNA and is the namesake of the property and watershed. Antrim Creek enters
Lake Michigan.

The Antrim Creek Natural Area is composed of soils which consist of gentle to moderately sloping sand dunes surrounded by wet lowlands.The dunes are characterized by light colored sands, the lowlands by a sandy muck. In general, these soils have poor potential for intense recreational activity, requiring careful planning and monitoring for preservation of the land.

Ken Scott photo
Photograph of Lake Michigan shoreline at ACNA by Ken Scott

Ted Cline photograph
Aerial photograph of Antrim Creek Natural Area by Ted Cline

GTRLC staff photograph of ACNA
Photograph of Antrim Creek by GTRLC staff

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