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Recreation and Use of ACNA
Have a great time...hiking, swimming, skiing, fishing!

Many residents and visitors enjoy pursuing leisure time recreational activities in the
beautiful natural habitats of Antrim Creek.
Antrim County established the Antrim Creek Natural Area Commission, which makes recommendations to the Antrim County Board of
Commissioners regarding proposed activities and management of the natural area.

The Antrim Creek Natural Area offers a unique experience due to the presence of rare natural features, including diverse wildlife habitats and federally protected plant species. Our map of the area is posted and designates trails, parking, etc. Visitors are encouraged
to be "active" stewards of the natural area.
Sign displays describe the purpose of the natural area, educate visitors and provide
rules/ directions for respectful use and protection.

Pam Frick and family
These hikers walk seven miles a day on the ACNA trails! Pam Frick, daughter
and granddaughter pose for a picture on their return to the entrance.

Bassett wedding

Erin and Elizabeth Bassett, of East Jordan and Boyne City, celebrate a gorgeous wedding day on the beach of ACNA with family and friends.

anne doyle with kayak

Anne Doyle of Houston, Texas, visiting her family in Michigan, takes advantage of ACNA's blue Lake Michigan waters to kayak.

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