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The Antrim Creek Natural Area is a 156 acre natural outdoor recreation site
open to the public free of charge. The property is located on one mile of
Lake Michigan shoreline off of Old Dixie Highway in Banks Township,
Antrim County, two miles west of Atwood (US131.) See our webpage on
map/location to find more visual information on finding and using the
Antrim Creek Natural Area for recreation..

The area is open daily, with parking, throughout the week.

entry to acna access road to acna

For a review of site rules for use and regulations, please refer to our webpage on recreation and use.

Antrim Creek Natural Area
Old Dixie Highway
Atwood, Michigan

Click here for location map

*There is no office/ telephone on site.

For more information contact:
c/o Administration & Planning Office
Antrim County Building
P.O. Box 187
Bellaire, MI 49615
(231) 533-6265


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